About Me

'Kim's visionary art takes one on a journey of deep connection, healing and awakening to the multi-dimensionality of life, of Self. Each creation carries a sense of depth, as if one is able to step into the artwork and experience the aliveness, the powerful energy which is contained within each unique artwork.'

I was born and raised in the diamond town of Kimberley, South Africa. Since a very young age art has been the driving force in my life. After spending over 16 years creating pottery and sculpture, I turned my creative talents to ‘wearable art’ crystal jewellery. Although I still create the occasional commissioned item of jewellery, my greatest joy now is to create artworks which carry healing energy, love and visionary imagery. It is important to me that my creations are not only visually pleasing but are imbued with a sense of spirit, nature, and love, and touch the viewer on a deep level. My own soul path is to live a more conscious life and to connect with Nature and Spirit in whatever ways I can.

I currently live in the tranquil village of Montagu, South Africa where the surrounding mountains inspire my creative energies. My creative process is both intuitive and deeply meditative. I am also an energy and crystal healer, assisting others in awakening to their own inherent, intuitive, self-healing abilities. Creator of 3 oracle decks - Conscious Spirit Deck, Angel Inspiration Deck and Visions of the Soul Meditation and Portal Deck. I also offer intuitive readings and spiritual guidance.

In 2019, through a series channelled guidance, over a period of 2 years, I brought into being the Soul Navigation System - A journey of Illumination through the Chakras. This system guides you towards the direction which is most beneficially aligned to your Soul at any given time.

My greatest soul desire is to assist others in awakening to their inner beauty, love and gifts. This I do through my art, intuitive readings and guidance and energy healing. I feel honoured and blessed to offer these in service to the world. My work is available online and through selected outlets worldwide.

I am available for commissions - please see details on the commissions page.

I can be contacted on kimdreyerart@gmail.com.
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