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Once proper international shipping options are available, I will advise.  Sorry for the inconvenience to all my loyal international clients.

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Digital Downloadable Art: To make my art more accessible to all as shipping costs increase I will begin releasing some of my art as downloadable artworks which you will receive as a high resolution JPG. IMPORTANT NOTE: THESE DOWNLOADABLE IMAGES DO NOT BELONG TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THEY REMAIN THE COPYRIGHT OF KIM DREYER ART ©. By purchasing a downloadable image you are agreeing to the following terms: 1. These images can be used as personal screen savers, cell phone backgrounds or printed for use as personal art print for display in your home or treatment room. 2. They are not for use online, or in any other print form. 3. Please do not not use for commercial purposes or in web banners, or web pages, blogs, logos or business cards or other digital or printed stationary, neither in newsletters, workshop material, facebook or other social media posts or events. 4. They may not be altered or cropped in any way. 5. Please honour my copyright on these. With the download will be an copyright agreement document. By purchasing a downloadable image you are agreeing to all the terms within the copyright license agreement. Thank you.

Client Testimonials


I am astounded by this reading. Such depth, soul and I feel your channelling is so high vibrational and pure. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! (Also commented on facebook: I had a reading with Kim recently! Absolutely amazing and so full of love. Highly recommend. X) - Liz Groom

"1000 Thank you for reading, it made me think, these are really wonderful skills you write I have , it means a lot to me. of heart thanks for your help." J L


"Thank you very much. You nailed it and highlighted what I already know about self. What I most enjoyed about this reading is that you not only highlighted what is going on you have solutions to work with and strengthen the energy to where it needs to be. I love that and exactly what I need!!!! At present time I am really working on reflection on 2019, It has been a whole lot. Giving thanks for the lessons and struggles, and also looking at those things in a way to manifest what I desire for 2020. Your reading has given me more of an internal understand of the blocks and tools to use for assisting me. Thank you x3. You are a beautiful soul." - Jenise Moreno

"Thank you so much. Perfect timing. What I enjoyed the most about the reading was being given some tools to work with to help shift the perspective / blockage / growing awareness. The images are beautiful and inspiring and, as with all your beautiful artwork, I find such resonance and vibration at work both within the images and coming through them. The “influences on my chakras” section helped me clear up a little confusion I had, as I was focusing more on a different chakra as a priority and this allowed me to realign the focus. All the different sections taken together, gave validation towards some queries and questions I had on whether or not I was focusing my awareness on the right path. There had been some worry I had about being too “tunnel vision” and going in the wrong direction. The validation served to reassure me that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing in terms of my own self-healing, self-awareness and self-care, and tied seemingly disparate energies and pathways together. The Soul Navigation System is a wonderful system you have developed and has helped me tremendously." - Sammy Thompson

"Your “diagnosis” on the SNS was so spot on. You were so accurate, taking into account recent happenings. I really have been able to relate it to my current circumstances. It’s obviously an extremely helpful guidance tool for your clients. I’m hugely impressed with it but then again, the facilitator is amazing too." - Sue Formanowicz

"I love your insight. I am very grateful Kim thank you so much." - Diane Baldwin "This is a most empowering gift from you. For the first time in a very long time, I feel uplifted and slightly more energetic. I'm sure I'll be loads better once I've done the activations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Alma Marshal


"I want to thank u so much for the wonderful crystal healing sessions I have had with u. I felt so loved, so nurtured and so blessed, and I felt so much energy moving.......... It was an amazing experience !!!! It felt very good to release things that no longer served me, and on the physical side, after the second session, I found I could lift my left arm above my head !!!! This is something I had not been able to do for a very long time. I walked out of your healing room on cloud nine, and I look forward to the next one !!!" - Marion Gullifer

"Kim has an amazing capacity to intuit the emotional and physical state of her clients body. Many times during the pre-consultation phone call, she already knows what the current 'challenge' is and is mentally prepared for meeting it. Every session with her during the last months have had positive results on my state of well-being. Thank you Kim!" - Lesley Hopker (distance healing)

"I find Kim's total approach to her treatments amazing. The passion, preparation, communication and follow up are really top notch. As for the treatments I don't really feel them at the time, but when I look at it over a longer period then I definitely feel that a lot has shifted. Some issues are GONE!! Totally unbelievable after they have been with me for SOOOO LONG. Other issues are definitely improved which is just as pleasing after suffering from them for decades. All in all I can wholeheartedly recommend Kim for crystal healing." - Henry (distance healing)